Happy birthday to Pac-Man, the yellow circle that changed gaming


Today is a very special birthday. To find out whose birthday it is, put your finger in your ear and gently wiggle it back and forth. Hear that? Waca-waca-waca-waca, it’s Pac-Man! Today marks the 35th birthday of the yellow gaming icon that revolutionized gaming.

Pac-Man truly changed the gaming industry. Without his game of running from and chasing ghosts of various colors, you may not be able to chase Spartan Elites on a Ghost over online multiplayer in Halo. Though the arcade game was simple, it provided hours of entertainment.

Pac-Man’s influence has stretched across many mediums and has appeared in quite a few directly. In addition to the classic arcade game, Pac-Man has also appeared in Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U, Google Maps where you can play Pac-Man on your own streets, and is making an appearance on the big screen later this year in ‘Pixels.’

Pacman’s influence on the entire gaming industry is massive but did you know that he also appeared in a game that Microsoft worked with Namco Bandai and Soap Technologies to make titled “World’s biggest Pac-Man?”That game celebrated his 30th birthday and he went around an HTML 5 maze.

A very happy birthday from all of us at WinBeta to the little yellow circle that is one of the grandparents of modern gaming.

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