Hannover Messe highlights how companies are using HoloLens

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Windows Mixed Reality can be pretty fun for consumers, but businesses are also using it to transform the way manufacturing is done. That’s why at the annual Hannover Messe show in Germany, Microsoft is choosing to highlight how their customers and partners are using the technology to increase productivity, quality, and safety.

A couple of Microsoft customers using HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality include BAE Systems and PTC, Honeywell, Mercedes-Benz Global Training, Autodesk, and Deutsche Bahm. These companies come from a variety of fields but all are using the technologies to help Firstline workers solve problems, get to a new level of efficiencies, and better serve their customers. Read more about their uses below.

  • BAE and PTC used ThingWorx Studio to easily create a guided step-by-step training solution for HoloLens to teach workers how to assemble a green energy bus battery. Using these tools, BAE can now create these guides for firstline workers in just a few hours at a tenth of the cost, training new people 30-40% more efficiently.
  • Honeywell introduced the Honeywell Maintenance Training Simulator. This work empowers system maintenance personnel to be prepared for a variety of critical situations and to address them faster with reduced risk.
  • Mercedes-Benz Global Training is showing off how HoloLens can be used to improve the efficiency of brake assembly and engine manufacturing.
  • Autodesk is demonstrating Project Sugarhill, a technical preview of immersive conceptual design tools that empower artists and designers to start their creative process directly in 3D.
  • Deutsche Bahn has worked with the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program to build an app that will enable the German railway company to more efficiently and safely train engineers

It is definitely cool seeing how Microsoft’s technologies can empower these organizations to achieve more and do better business. Do you think you have a use for Windows Mixed Reality in your home or business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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