Hangman Pro is a classic game for Windows 8.1, tests your vocabulary and brings back old memories

Hangman Pro

The concept of the popular hangman game is not anything new. I still remember my childhood days when we used to play hangman using a pen and paper with friends - finding words to test the vocabulary of each other. With technology taking over our lives, the game has evolved as well and has moved from pen and paper to something digital. If you're looking for an application that can bring back the classic memories of hangman, and in addition, test your vocabulary on your Windows machine, take a look at Hangman Pro.

The main idea behind the game is pretty straightforward, you have to guess the word or the phrase before the hangman drawing is complete. The game comes with various categories and difficulty levels to choose from. It also features SAT, GRE, TOEFL and Mystery categories which can be unlocked by rating the application in the Windows Store. 

You can either play alone in a single player mode where you need guess the word picked up by the computer, or a two player mode. Unfortunately, the game doesn't come with a multiplayer mode, which is a bummer, as it would be good to test your skills against users from other parts of the world. Nonetheless, it's an amazing game to test your skills and pass time.

"Play the best FREE hangman game for Windows 8. Relax with a few rounds of this classic word game. This version of Hangman has everything you need, with lots of word categories, one and two player modes, and global leaderboards. Guess both single words and phrases before the hangman drawing is complete!" the app description reads.

If you're a Hangman fan, head over to the Windows Store and download the application for free.

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