Hands On: Windows Phone 8 GDR2 on Nokia Lumia 820 (video)

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As Windows Phone 8 GDR2 for Lumia devices is beginning to get pushed out as an update, we go hands on to check out some of the latest and greatest new features available for the Lumia 820 with GDR2. Included with GDR2 for Lumia devices is Nokia Amber, an additional update which includes exclusive features for Lumia devices only. The 820 includes a new Glance Screen, Flip to Silence, Data Sense, and many more features.

The GDR2 update for Lumia devices is expected to begin rolling out this month. It’s already available on Nokia Care Suite for those advanced users who know how to flash their devices. However if you have no idea what flashing is or how to do it, we advice you to wait for the OTA update coming later this month.

Check out the video down below for our quick hands on with GDR2 on the Lumia 820!

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