Hands-on demo of Windows Hello on Windows 10, and how data can be safer (video)

Hands-on demo of Windows Hello on Windows 10, and how data can be safer (video)

Microsoft has been beefing up Windows 10 with enterprise-grade security, making sure that both consumers and enterprises are always protected for threats. The software giant also introduced Windows Hello earlier this year in an effort to let users seamlessly, and securely log in to their PCs.

As you probably already know by now, Windows Hello will support three types of biometric entry: fingerprint, face, and iris. At Ignite, Microsoft showcased Windows Hello via facial biometric entry and it is super fast in recognizing your face! 

Microsoft also showcased how data can be safer with Windows 10 thanks to better encryption. We talked about this briefly earlier today, but users can choose to encrypt files directly from the save-as dialog box, or from Windows File Explorer. Simply right clicking a file enables users to choose how to encrypt the file. Files that are encrypted are shown in green.

Check out the video below showcasing Windows Hello in action, as well as a quick demonstration of file encryption on Windows 10. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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