Halo Wars 2 gets a new story trailer from its Comic-Con Panel

Halo Wars 2 is on the horizon, and it's got a ton of people more than a little bit excited. The original Halo Wars became a cult classic way back in 2009, coming completely out of left field as a solid entry to the often underappreciated RTS genre, and introducing a generation of console-centric Halo fans to a much different kind of cerebral gameplay. Its sequel is going to be coming out in February of 2017, answering the prayers of fans who were worried that the original game would be doomed to just be a one-time spinoff and giving Halo Wars a chance to become a franchise of its own.

Like with every Halo game, the story behind Halo Wars was solid, and did a great job of feeding into the sci-fi universe's extensive lore. It's not a surprise that the team working on the sequel decided to bring their work to Comic Con in order to showcase the new story. While we don't have any footage of the Comic Con panel itself, Halo veteran Frank O'Connor did a brief write-up on the subject and showed off a 5-minute trailer for the game featuring tons of developer commentary. Long time fans of Bungie games will recognize this as a "Vidoc," a sort of video that the company (and 343 Industries, the team that took over the franchise) has been doing for a long time in order to foster their great relationship with fans.

According to the Vidoc, Halo Wars 2 is a direct continuation of the first game. Your story follows the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, who have woken up after more than 20 years in cryo-sleep to find themselves flying above the Ark - an installation that Halo 3 players are going to recognize. While that's about all we know regarding the game's setup, we got a few more tidbits of information to tease us. Namely, the introduction we've gotten to two new characters - Isabel (A logistics AI helping out the Spirit of Fire's crew) and Atriox (A hyper-intelligent Brute) - sets up the potential for a very strong story arc.

The beta for Halo Wars 2 is passed already, so we'll have to wait until we get to dig our teeth into the game some more. With 343's track record for communication, however, there's no doubt that we're going to be getting a lot more info until we get our hands on the full game next year.

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