Halo Wars 2 gets a major patch update, and Halo 5 is updated, too

Kit McDonald

Halo Wars 2 Launch trailer

Today has been an exciting day for Xbox One players. First, Gears of War 4 released their major March update with Ranked Lobbies, and now the Halo series is jumping on the wagon with their latest releases.

Halo Wars 2 is officially two weeks told, and already it has a major patch for Xbox One. The 9.9 GB download fishes a wide variety of bugs and gameplay issues that have been plaguing players since even before day one. In fact, 343 Industries commented that many of the adjustments were in the works before the game even released and aren’t a response to feedback.

While the list is too long to post directly here, some of the major hangups on loading, black screens, desynced files, network errors, and hardware dependent crashes have been addressed. You can see the full scale of the massive changelog over on Halo WayPoint.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 patch isn’t guaranteed today, but developers are hoping it will roll out within the next two days. “The team didn’t want to delay Xbox One solely on account of the Windows 10 release,” states the press release, even though the game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

As a side note, Halo 5 also received a patch to fix some of its performance issues and tweak the overall gameplay. While it is not nearly as in the spotlight as Halo Wars 2, the year and a half old game is still kicking it with noticeable changes to the multiplayer sandbox. Most of the changes center around preparations for the Halo World Championship set for later this month on March 24. The Halo 5 changelog can also be read on Halo WayPoint.