Halo TV series recasts Cortana while Master Chief’s helmet gets teased in new photo

Brad Stephenson

Pablo Schreiber in the Halo TV series.

In a bit of surprise news this morning, Jen Taylor has been officially cast as Cortana in the upcoming live action Halo television series.

The role of Cortana was originally given to Natascha McElhone though the actress had to step down due to scheduling conflicts brought about by the global pandemic. McElhone, however, will still be in the Halo TV series in the role of Cortana’s creator, Dr. Catherine Halsey.

The new actress, Jen Taylor, should sound familiar to fans of the Halo video game franchise as she has actually voiced Cortana in every entry in the main series. It’s unclear if this will be another voice acting role or her debut as a proper live action version of the iconic Cortana character.

In other Halo TV news, the official Halo on Showtime Twitter account today shared a photo of Master Chief actor, Pablo Schreiber, wearing what looks to be the lower half of the iconic character’s helmet. The photo was accompanied by “We’re back on the #Halo set and #MakingMasterChief” which indicates that production has begun once again.

The Halo TV series is currently set for a 2021 debut.

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