Halo Spartan Assault now available to all Windows Phone 8 devices, no longer a Verizon exclusive

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Halo Spartan Assault

Just recently, Microsoft rolled out an update to the Halo Spartan Assault game for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Today, Microsoft has revealed that Halo Spartan Assault is now available on more Windows Phone 8 devices and is no longer an exclusive title to Verizon Wireless.

"But for some U.S. gamers, I know it’s been a long month: The title has been available only to Verizon Wireless customers. Until today. I’m happy to report that Halo: Spartan Assault is now available for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the U.S," Microsoft's Michael Stroh stated in an official blog post.

Originally, Microsoft rolled out the game to Windows Phone 8 on Verizon, making the game exclusive to the carrier. Halo Spartan assault is available for $6.99 in the Windows Phone Store, which you can snag via the download link below.

"The game, which costs $6.99 and requires 1 GB RAM, features 25 never-before-played missions set in the years between Halo 3 and Halo 4, offering new insights into the first missions of the Spartan Ops program, the history of the Human-Covenant wars, and the rise of Commander Sarah Palmer," Microsoft adds.

This game appeals to both hardware Halo gamers as well as newbies. The game features a top-down perspective, rather than a first person perspective, and features rich storytelling, beautiful graphics, and lots of action.

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