Halo Infinite’s Forge maps will reportedly be twice the size of Halo 5’s

Robert Collins

Halo Infinite’s Forge creation mode will finally arrive with the Winter Update on November 8th. In anticipation of this the developers have given us a preview with a new video showcasing the Forge and providing a few starter tips on how to use it.

Forge will launch with six canvas maps. Even more interestingly, these will apparently be around twice the size of the canvas maps in Halo 5. These canvas maps are basically just what they sound like: a blank slate (or as close as one can get) with which users can craft custom maps, manipulating just about every aspect of an environment one could imagine. These canvas maps are based on different biomes: desert, marsh, grasslands, and so on.

When selecting a canvas map to work with, users can then add collaborators who can then make edits and save them alongside the original creator’s map. Each map will keep a version history.

Season 3 (which will launch on March 7, 2023) will include a file browser in the main menu’s community tab. Here, users will be able to browse Forge creations through a recommended tab featuring 343’s favorite creations, popular maps, etc., or you’ll be able to search with tags and keywords.

Some of the most impressive creations that Forge test users have created include shockingly faithful recreations of Andy’s Bedroom from Toy Story, and most recently the Kokiri Forest from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.