Halo Infinite’s armor core system to get an overhaul later in season 2

Robert Collins

It was revealed during the Halo Infinite Season 2 preview livestream that the game’s armor core system will see changes partway through the new season.

Specifically, developers are looking to add more customization options for players by making all visor colors, helmets and armor coatings usable on all armor cores. But Jerry Hook, 343 Industries Head of Design, has confirmed that the team is looking toward moving away from the armor core system altogether, saying “We really lost the strength that Halo: Reach and Halo 3 brought to the franchise of allowing players to mix and match everything.” He also added that, “We are looking at moving away completely from the core system.”

The current system features armor cores, or templates which players can customize with alternate armor pieces. The problem is that most armor coatings and pieces are only usable with a specific armor core, which undermines the customization options available to players. When the change comes, it will likely be popular with fans of the game, who have been largely critical of the armor core system. And it will be exciting to see what other new improvements might be in the pipeline as season 2 progresses.