Halo Infinite video game tease drops on Twitter while MCC gets LGBT rainbow content

Brad Stephenson

Rainbow Master Chief from Halo

The official Halo Twitter account posted a cryptic audio file that’s very much a tease for the upcoming Halo Infinite Xbox One and Xbox Series X video game and suggests that the group known as the Banished will feature in it in some capacity.

Here’s the tweet for your listening enjoyment:

Clearly, it’s hard to discern much from this clip. The Banished could be major players in Halo Infinite or they could simply be involved in pre-game events that set up the single-player campaign. More information is expected in July when Microsoft will reveal its first-party titles for the Xbox Series X console.

Also in Halo news today, LGBT rainbow plates have been added to The Master Chief Collection in celebration of Pride Month. Black History Month plates have also been added back in in support of current events in the United States.

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