Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview email invites are now being sent to players

Brad Stephenson

Halo Infinite multiplayer on Xbox Series X and Windows 11

Invites have now begun being sent out to Halo Insiders who have qualified to participate in the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview which is set to run over the next two weekends from September 23rd through 26th and September 30th through to October 3rd.

343 Industries’ community manager, Brian Jarrard, mentioned the invite rollout on his personal Twitter account earlier today and reminded Halo enthusiasts that emails are being sent out in waves over the next two days so not to panic if they haven’t gotten theirs yet.

Jarrard also made a point to say that not all Halo Insiders would qualify for participation in the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview while some non-Insiders would be welcomed in the second weekend.

“Halo Insiders who don’t have a verified email, haven’t opted in to comms, haven’t selected a platform, or only selected PC but didn’t attach a dxdiag and/or don’t meet min spec for the build – won’t receive an email,” he said in a tweet. “Halo Insiders with a complete and valid profile as of Sept 13 should all be invited. We will be extending access the 2nd weekend beyond Halo Insiders so ppl who don’t get invited will still have options.”

The first Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview weekend will test Arena (4v4) while the second weekend will preview the larger Big Team Battle (12v12) multiplayer mode. The aim of both is primarily for testing the game’s online services with a larger playerbase before the official game launch later this year. Player feedback will also be requested from participants.

“If you spot anything that feels like it’s a bug, please be sure to submit it on the Halo Support site,” a post on the official Halo blog explains. “The “Insider” version of the Support site will go live when the flight does, allowing all invitees to read up on known issues, submit tickets, and more. To collect feedback, we will be standing up forums posts on Waypoint that focus on key areas and sending out surveys to a portion of Halo Insiders. We will also be keeping an eye on out Twitter, r/Halo, YouTube, Twitch, and other places, but we recommend posting your thoughts here on Waypoint. To reiterate, please share your thoughts on the Waypoint forums and only use the Halo Support site to report bugs or technical issues with the game.”

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