Halo Infinite developers don’t seem to care about fixing player collision problems

Robert Collins

It looks as though the player collision issues in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer games won’t be getting fixed anytime soon. This is according to 343 Industries Senior Systems Designer Brian Berryhill, who took to Redditt earlier this week to address the issue.

Berryhill submitted the post below in response to another Redditt user who had posted a video demonstrating the collision detection issues that have been present in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer since the game’s launch. In Berryhill’s post, he stated that 343 employees were being allocated in “other Infinite work,” though he did not go into further detail.

by u/343_Taxi from discussion Melee and/or player collision is still incredibly broken, here’s a pair of examples from the past week that made me rethink playing this game.
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Halo Infinite has been received with much criticism for its technical issues. In response to Berryhill’s post, users expressed appreciation for the company’s transparency along with their frustration.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and on Windows PC, and can be played via both Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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