Halo Infinite couch co-op still possible with workaround

David Allen


Despite 343 Industries announcing couch co-op mode was canceled, Halo Infinite fans have found a way to enjoy the popular mode anyway. Of course, Microsoft and 343 Industires don’t support the workaround, and by using it you can ruin your game save or have other consequences so keep that in mind if you give it a try.  Here’s what you need to do to try it.

  1. Launch into a Halo Infinite game
  2. Click “Play” and immediately enter your friends list
  3. When “loading map” appears on-screen, select and join a friend idling in the menu
  4. Leave the fireteam
  5. Select Custom Lobby > Server > Offline
  6. Connect additional controllers and Gamertags

If you need some help, a video detailing the process is below, courtesy Riv3rsE.

The workaround does work across all Xbox console platforms with the performance taking a hit on the older generation consoles.  So if this is something you intend to do an Xbox Series X might be your best bet.  The option is not available to PC players.