Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets campaign cross-play, other new features

Kevin Okemwa

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Last year, 343 industries made the announcement that there were plans underway to transition Halo from seasonal updates, however, they categorically indicated that this move should not be misconstrued to them entirely cutting support for the game.

They further indicated that providing a great experience was part of their goals, and as such, they are back with an update that features a couple of tweaks and campaign cross-play. This particular update is geared toward enhancing the FloodFight mode, the team also used this update to address network issues coupled with a couple of tweaks that should resolve issues such as, “enemies getting stuck or not seeking out the player properly.”

Players can now use the VISR map to see enemy locations, even while waiting to respawn, in Firefight matchmaking. Players can now use the Energy Sword and Sentinel Beam in ODST for the first time ever, and can even spawn with these weapons in Fiesta Fight. We’ve also mixed new enemies (such as Elites and Flood) into the wave lineup for various Arcade variants in Firefight matchmaking.

Another notable feature that 343 industries have incorporated into this update is “boons”. The feature is widely available throughout the Firefight missions to assist players when facing the undead onslaught. The boons feature includes weapon racks that come with both assault rifles and battle rifles. “On some maps, players will find Flamethrowers to fend off the Flood. On others, players will be assisted by allies. Marines and NMPD officers will help combat the Flood and can help you by manning vehicles and turrets. On night missions, allied Elites are delivered via insertion pods to aid you.”

Players that like to go on these missions by themselves can now seek assistance from these allies. Moreover, this feature can be enabled in any Firefight game variant.

The update also comes with UI enhancements, CGB Full Title Support, Quickmatch Flow, Forge, and Mod Tools. It also features a campaign cross-play for both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Halo 4 also gets a customized campaign while Halo 3 gets new multiplayer medals as well as different challenges with each passing month. Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 3: ODST get new skulls. Be sure to visit Halo Waypoint’s blog post to get detailed information in regards to this update.