Halo fans can soon grab a bunch of new toys

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Halo MEGA Bloks

If you have dreams of being a Spartan Elite there’s some good news for you in the world of toys. Toy makers Mattel and BOOMco are working together with the makers of Halo 343 industries to make blasters based on weapons in the Halo series. Toy company NECA is also coming out with a street legal Master Chief motorcycle helmet, MEGA Bloks is releasing some large Halo sets, and a variety of other toys and figures from a list of companies are coming out.

The dart shooters from the Halo BOOMco collection have features to make them more like their videogame counterparts. The Covenant Needler for example has “a rapid-firing clip and light-up chamber that replicates the glowing, zipping effect found in the video game when unloading a barrage of rounds at enemies.” Other guns that have been confirmed by Mattel include the Covenant Carbine Blaser and UNSC Magnum.

Needler dart gun

The MEGA Blok sets that will be released by the end of the year include the “Promethean Phaeton Gunship and the… UNSC Scorpion Tank.” By year’s end customers will also be able to grab “two new lines of Halo action figures from McFarlane Toys. Series 3 of the Halo 4: Spartan Ops line features four new figures, and McFarlane Toys also showed off the brand-new Master Chief figure from its upcoming Halo 5: Guardians line.”

If utility toys aren’t your thing, model kits from Bandai and Dark horse are also coming out this year featuring “SprüKits Spartan Jameson Locke, and… replicas for the UNSC Pelican and the UNSC Infinity” respectively.

To complete your Halo look you could soon also purchase a Master Chief motorcycle helmet from NECA. NECA is normally a toy maker but the helmet is street legal and will be available for purchase in July. The helmet has a variety of features to ensure comfort and functionality so the helmet is more than a collectable.

MasterChief Motorcycle Helmet

What all this means is that by the end of this year you can wear a master chief helmet and fire Needlers and Carbines while using a Cortana on your Windows Phone to tweet about the upcoming Spartan browser, all while making sure that you don’t step on your Halo MEGA Bloks. Maybe someday they’ll combine this with Hololens. “Halolens” does have a nice ring to it.

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