Halo developers talk Super Fiesta, File Browser in new community update

The team at 343 Industries is out at PAX East for the weekend, but they've given us a quick community update before they walked out the door to get out to Boston for the event. In the update, the Halo developers talked about some of the things that are on the horizon for Halo 5, as well as making an announcement about a much-anticipated matchmaking playlist that is available right now for anyone who logs in.

The first big announcement was the addition of Super Fiesta, a game mode that has been requested by the community for some time. Fiesta Slayer - a game mode where everybody spawns with totally random weapons - was added to Halo 5 as a temporary playlist a while ago, and ever since then players have been asking for a version of this playlist that was even crazier. Super Fiesta is the answer to that request, making it so that REQ variants of weapons have been added to the pool of weapons that players are going to be able to spawn with. The playlist is now available and will be up for the week, so Halo players can log in and roll the dice to play around with some legendary REQ gear right now.

343 also reminded us that, just a few days ago, they added the Halo Waypoint File Browser - something that fans of Halo have been needing for a long time now. The service is a re-imagining of the File Share, one of the features that made Halo 3 such a legendary experience. Using the new file browser, Halo players are now able to share their favorite screenshots, videos, custom game modes, and custom maps with their friends. If you're bored and looking for game modes, you're now able to go to the file browser and find some brand new ways to play. Repeat this ad infinitum, and you've got yourself an eternal source of new ways to enjoy Halo.

Finally, 343 talked a bit about changes coming to Arena in the next few weeks. The Halo team reminds us that they've been working with pro players to continue making Arena better resemble tournament play and that there are updates coming out very soon that are going to be working to that end. What might excite a few more people, however, is that Infection is going to be coming to Halo 5 very soon. Accompanying the game mode is an array of redesigned maps, including an "even further gone Overgrowth" and a "Post-apocalyptic Plaza," which are looking pretty amazing, and should be complimenting the game mode perfectly.

As always, the team at 343 industries has proven to us that they know exactly what they're doing with Halo 5, and they're going to keep on giving us more and more new content to play around with each month. The new free expansion, Memories of Reach, is going to be coming out fairly soon to shake things up again, but until then, the addition of Super Fiesta and the updates to Arena should be keeping us all plenty busy.

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