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Halo Championship Series Season 1 Finals are this weekend

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The dream of being crowned champions of the first season of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) is still alive for nine Halo teams. The finals are in PAX East in Boston this weekend. This is the first season of the HCS and the nine remaining teams are the cream of the crop from hundreds of competing teams.

The final nine teams consist of eight teams from North America and one wildcard team from the ‘Battle of Europe’ in London. The winning team will receive a $100,000 prize pool. Halowaypoint.com lists all the details for how to watch the upcoming event.

When: Friday 3.6.15 @ 10AM EST, Saturday 3.7.15 @ 10AM EST, Sunday 3.8.15 @ 10AM EST

Watch: Halo Channel or Twitch.tv/Halo

Stakes: $100,000 prize pool and title of Season 1 Champion

The team ‘Evil Geniuses’ defeated the favorites ‘Counter Logic Gaming’ at the Gamers for Giving for charity event in Ann Arbor Michigan and claimed the numbed one seed for the HCS finals. Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky breaks down the highlights leading up to the finals this weekend in the video below from the Halo Channel. The video also explains the mission of the charity event and the ‘Gamers Outreach Foundation.’

The Gamers for Giving for charity in event in Ann Arbor Michigan is a LAN party and console gaming tournament. This year is the 7th annual event and they raised over $50,000 for charity. In the video above you can see the founder of Gamers Outreach Foundation, Zach Wigal, explain how video games are being used in children’s hospitals across the country.

Wigal and his organization give “recreational therapy for children in hospitals” by helping patients play games with their friends. Playing games helps children get out of bed and also helps nurses tend to their patients. Hospitals can be a scary experience for children and also can require many procedures.

Gamers Outreach Foundation in Children's Hospital

Children often require multiple nurses to calm them down but video games are being used as a way to distract them and make helping them easier. To bring games to children throughout the country the Gamers Outreach Foundation uses “Medical grade video game kiosks that get installed into children’s hospitals around the country."

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