Halo 5 Spartan avatar creation available a week before title launch

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Although Halo 5: Guardians is still about a week away from release, that does not mean developer 343 Industries wants to you wait around idle. Today, the official Halo website has been updated and with it come quite a few new features. Most notably, players are now offered a new way to create their online avatars. From within a desktop web browsers, users can customize their Halo 5 Spartan; the avatar used for multiplayer game play. Users are promoted to sign in with the gamertag, and then begin the creation process. Once Halo 5 officially launches, these avatars will be available for online use.

Spartan Appearance

Customization includes more than a few options for armor, helmets, and visors. User can also create customer color schemes and choose their avatar’s gender. While utilizing the creation tool now, only the first item in each list is available for use now but that will likely change once the title is released.
For more information on Halo 5 and to watch the first 18 minutes of game play, click here. To start customizing your Spartan, you can do so from Halo’s official webpage. Are you excited for Microsoft’s latest Halo entry? Let us know or better yet, let us see your Halo Spartan below.

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