Halo 5 news and details emerge in Game Informer cover story

Halo 5 news and details emerge in Game Informer cover story

Microsoft is turning up the heat in anticipation of next week's E3 extravaganza and the upcoming release of Halo 5 this fall.  Yesterday we reported that it looks like a Halo 5 TV show produced by Steven Speilberg is still in the works, and today a post on 343 Industries' Halo Waypoint blog features the new Game Informer cover story on the Master Chief, et al.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have put a lot of effort into building out the story behind Halo 5, with the excellent Hunt The Truth podcast series (by all means give it a listen if you haven't already!), and the June Game Informer cover story goes a bit further in revealing not only the full cast of Spartans in Halo 5, but screenshots and hands-on impressions of Master Chief and Blue Team, new details on the story, interviews, and a brand new Arena multiplayer map. Game Informer describes their hands on sessions:

Our lengthy hands-on sessions also included plenty of time in the revamped competitive Arena multiplayer. In the cover story, we break down specific changes to the Empire map from last winter's beta and we debut a never-before-seen map called Fathom. This undersea base looks gorgeous and is loaded with all kinds of hidden tricks for experienced players to dig in and discover. 343 also teases a new multiplayer mode never seen in a Halo game before. 

You can subscribe to Game Informer to gain access to the June Issue now, or wait until it shows up on newsstands later in the month

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