Halo 5: Guardians to require 9GB day one patch for multiplayer, will auto-update if pre-ordered

Earlier we reported that Halo 5: Guardians will need an additional patch for the multiplayer part of the game to work, and today we finally have information on how big the patch will be as well as what's inside, reports Pocket-lint.
The information was revealed by 343 Industries Studio Head Josh Holmes, in one of his tweets, where he also mentions the content of the patch.
9GB, while not much compared to the size of the whole game (up to a whooping 60GB), is still substantial, especially during the earlier hours after the game went for sale when people are rushing to download and having matches with friends, and may mean that some will have to put up with not playing the game online on day one.
It is at this point that pre-ordering shows it advantages: pre-ordered customers' Xbox One will automatically download the patch prior to the day of release if the power-settings is left as instant-on, while day-one purchasers and beyond will just have to wait.

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