Halo 5 Guardians co-op to require Xbox Live Gold afterall

Halo 5: Guardians co-op to require Xbox Live Gold afterall

One of the games garnering the most hype during the lead up to this year’s E3 is Halo 5 Guardians. Microsoft and the game’s developer, 343 Industries, have both been very deliberate with their information and visual reveals which is why it’s surprising that John Holmes, who’s the studio head of 343 Industries, has just admitted in a blog post on the official Halo website, that some of the information he shared during an interview in the latest issue of the gaming magazine, Game Informer, was incorrect.

"We’re excited to see all the amazing fan responses to the Halo 5: Guardians Game Informer cover story. The team has been working extremely hard to get us to this point, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see all the positivity out of the gate around our focus on co-op, the introduction of Blue Team, and, of course, the return of Nathan Fillion as Buck.

I need take a moment to make an important correction on something we miscommunicated in the story. I misspoke during the interview when stating that online co-op campaign would be supported with an Xbox Live Silver account. Co-op campaign will require Xbox Live Gold to play. I want to extend my sincere apologies to our fans, and to Game Informer, for this error and any confusion it has caused."

It’s unclear if the mistake was made due to a miscommunication between involved parties though it does seem like an aspect of the game’s release that would be hard to misinterpret. It is possible that Microsoft originally considered offering the Halo 5 co-op campaign to both Silver (free) and Gold Xbox Live members but changed their mind after this interview was conducted. There has been no official statement one way or the other.

John Holmes does go on to mention that each copy of Halo 5 Guardians will come with a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial which will essentially allow Silver members to play Halo multiplayer for the duration of the trial which should be a relief for some, though Xbox Live Gold is required for most online modes in Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and it’s hard to imagine Halo fans, who are interested in co-op, not already being members of the premium service if they’ve played previous games in the franchise.

A lot more news regarding Halo 5 Guardians is expected to be revealed at E3 next week and we’ll be reporting on it as it breaks. Are you excited for Halo 5 Guardians? What would you like to see in this latest entry? Share your hype in the comments below.

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