Halo 5 Guardians behind the scenes video series announced

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Second season of The Sprint revealed by 343 Industries

The marketing for the Xbox One game, Halo 5: Guardians is really beginning to ramp up as E3 and the official launch window approaches. There was of course the brief teaser at last year’s E3 and the live action Halo series, Halo Nightfall, that premiered on the Xbox One’s Halo Channel app as a sort of prequel to Halo 5 and an introduction to one of its characters but both of those were more of a reminder that Halo 5 was still happening instead of a massive promotion.

In addition to this month’s Halo 5 cover story and interview in Game Informer (and the immediate retraction of aspects of the interview by 343 Industries studio head, John Holmes), 343 Industries has now announced a second season of its behind the scenes YouTube series, The Sprint, which promises to take fans behind the scenes of Halo 5’s development leading up to its launch.

Here’s the official teaser:

Next week’s E3 promises to reveal more about Halo 5 and we’ll be reporting on all of the bombshells as they drop. Hopefully there’ll even be some news regarding Steven Spielberg’s live action Halo series, so make sure to check back during the conference for all of the news as it breaks.

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