Halo 5 Forge used to make Battefield 1 experience

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Have you been thinking of picking up Battlefield 1 but don’t want to put down Halo 5? Because of the magic that is Halo 5 Forge, you can now get the best of both worlds. An enterprising Halo 5 Forge user has put together a replication of Battlefield 1. The person responsible for the map has been strangely quiet about it, but this clip of it has been making its rounds in the Halo circles of social media.

Halo is still Halo, of course. Forge is pretty impressive, but it can’t outright change everything about the game. It seems like the map does let users do plenty of dogfighting in a WW1-like arena, adequately simulating Battlefield 1’s gameplay, up to a point. This just goes to show that the team behind Forge has made something that’s truly versatile, and offers users a tool set that’s capable of just about anything.

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