Halo 5 gets 'Ghosts of Meridian' update, available today

It's that time again - Halo 5: Guardians has just gotten a brand new free content update. The new update, named Ghosts of Meridian, brings with it some new reasons to come back to Halo 5 (on the off chance that you've been getting tired of the awesome new Grifball playlist). The new update is bringing in some great new content, including two new game modes, two new maps, and a new weapon.

Here's what you'll have to look forward to the next time you boot up Halo 5:

  • New Arena map - Tyrant: This new map is live in the arena now, and ready to stage some serious competition. This new map is forerunner themed, which is a nice addition to a roster of maps that's mostly focused on covenant/human architecture. It looks gorgeous, and should be a great new part of the lineup.
  • New Warzone map - Skirmish at Darkstar: The new Warzone battleground may well be the biggest part of this update, considering how big of a deal Warzone is to Halo 5. Skirmish at Darkstar is the fifth Warzone battleground to be added to Halo 5, and adds some more variety to the absolutely genius massive-scale game mode that serves as a core component of the new Halo experience. You'll be spending many hours learning the ins and outs of this new battlefield.
  • Two new game modes - DMR Swat and Multi-Team: DMR SWAT has been added to the SWAT playlist, offering fans of the SWAT gameplay style (headshots, headshots, headshots!) a chance to hone their skills with one of the most SWAT-friendly weapons in the game. Multi-Team has also been added, addressing one of the bigger requests of the community since the launch of Halo 5. Now you can go into matchmaking and fight against multiple fireteams on your usual Arena maps, offering a brand new dynamic to some familiar surroundings.
  • New weapon - Tartarus' Gavel: This new legendary gravity hammer has been added to the loot table as a legendary item available REQ packs from now on. This gravity hammer belonged to Tartarus, a character you may remember from the original trilogy of Halo games. If you're lucky enough to get this REQ, you'll be able to wreak some serious havoc with it - this gravity hammer unleashes kinetic explosions with each swing.

That should most certainly be enough to keep you occupied until 343 knocks it out of the park again with yet another free content update. If you're new to the Halo family and haven't tried out Multi-Team before, you should definitely try it - it's a classic.

For those of you who have been locked away in Arena since purchasing Halo 5, I'd also urge you to go out and test the waters of Warzone, especially now that there's another battleground out there for you to try out. Warzone may be a hard sell at first for some of us Halo veterans, but you can rest assured that it's a well balanced, extremely fun game mode that feels right at home in Halo.

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