Halo 4 set for launch November 6th, Microsoft does a Q&A session with the engineers

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Halo 4, which is expected to launch November 6th, will offer the biggest and most detailed Halo universe yet. Halo 4 features more weapons, more enemies, more detailed animations and more ways to interact/play with friends. On the eve of the games big launch, Microsoft sits down with the game's engineers and a short Q&A session took place.

Halo 4 set for launch november 6th, microsoft does a q&a session with the engineers - onmsft. Com - november 5, 2012

Microsoft sits down with Fredrik Persson, David Berger, and Peter Burzynski and talks about the games launch as well as the frame rates, graphics fidelity, and other topics. "One of the big things we did was bring to life our art director’s vision. He wanted to put a lot more fidelity into the graphics of this world and use that to tell a more intense emotional story, not just in the facial work we did or the cinematic nature of the storytelling, but also in the game’s general look and feel. That doesn’t just come through graphics work; a massive amount of technical work went into building this world," Berger added during the session. Head over to the source link for the full Q&A. Halo 4 launches on Xbox 360 on November 6th.

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