Halo 3 is 10 years old today and 343 Industries is celebrating

It’s been ten years today since Halo 3 was released on the Xbox 360, putting an end to the original trilogy that redefined console shooters. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, 343 Industries is inviting fans to watch a special live stream that will kick off at 1PM PST on Mixer and Twitch.

The team shared more details about what to expect in a blog post earlier today. “We'll be joined by special guest community speedrunner ProAceJoker for a full Halo 3 campaign playthrough. In addition, we'll look back on fond memories, chat with viewers, give away a few Halo 3 t-shirts, and then jump into a Halo 5 playdate in the new Halo 3 Classic Throwback playlist.”

Even though Halo 3 is now ten years old, don’t get your hopes up for an Halo 3 remaster announcement. “There won't be any big news, reveals, or announcements - we're just hanging out, playing, and talking Halo 3,” explained 343 Industries.

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