Halo 2 PC servers close February 15th, is this finally goodbye?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jan 18th, 2013 inNews

Halo 2, arguably one of the best games in the world, was switched off by Microsoft in April of 2010. No longer can you play online with Halo 2 on an Original Xbox, as its servers are dead. But it was all OK, as the PC version of Halo 2 wasn’t affected by this, and fans could continue playing multiplayer with ease. Well, that’s about to change.

In just under a month, Microsoft will also kill Halo 2 PC, switching off servers and disconnecting thousands around 20 players from playing with each other. Seriously, apparently the Halo 2 PC population is swaying around 20 players each day, we salute!

So, is this finally goodbye to the Halo 2 multiplayer extravaganza? No, if you really want to play multiplayer with friends on Halo 2 PC, you can play LAN games with them. So while official servers may be dead, local ones will continue to live on.

Halo 2 was the second Halo game Bungie had made, releasing originally on the original Xbox and then Windows Vista, Halo 2 quickly became one of the best selling games on Xbox, it was also one of the best looking.

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