Meet Portana, a somewhat ported version of Cortana on Android which only speaks Italian

Hacker group, OrangeSec port Cortana to Android

OrangeSec, an Italian group of hackers, claim that they have ported Cortana over to Android. OrangeSec named their Android/Windows Phone lovechild, “Portaña.” OrangeSec claimed that they have achieved Portaña by just leveraging Cortana’s backend to create a functional Cortana-like assistant for Android. 

Portaña can communicate with Microsoft’s servers, but it’s not a strict port; OrangeSec weren’t able to implement all of Cortana’s features. Portaña also can’t integrate with Android the way Cortana can with Windows Phone. There are also some other issues; Portaña can only speak in Italian and it doesn’t work offline.  

OrangeSec could try to expand Portaña’s features, but I think it is more of a proof of concept project for OrangeSec. I am sure more Cortana fans are waiting for Microsoft to introduce Cortana to other phone platforms later this year (hopefully). Microsoft has not created a timeline for when or if Cortana will appear on iOS or Android, but many rumors suggest that it will probably happen eventually.

In a statement to VentureBeat, Microsoft responded to the creation of Portaña:

“We believe the best way to enjoy the full Cortana experience is as designed by Microsoft and available through Windows Phone and the Windows 10 technical preview.”

For now, it looks like Windows Phone users and future Windows 10 users will get to exclusively enjoy the power of Cortana. Check out OrangeSec’s presentation in the video below called “Cracking Cortana” during Droidcon 2015.

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