Guns, Gore, and Cannoli hits Xbox One today

Ah, indie games. That wonderful world on the outskirts of AAA gaming that allows developers to throw caution to the wind and play around with whatever concept they want to. Out on Xbox One today is Guns, Gore, and Cannoli, an indie game that attracts some outlandish attention by name alone. The game takes place in the fictional city of Thugtown and follows Vinnie Cannoli and his mob family during a zombie outbreak.

The game promises to bring the well-known zombie trope into a setting that it’s unfamiliar with, and that alone is enough to take a peek at it. On top of its unusual setting, the game advertises a “dark story of conspiracy and betrayal” to keep you engaged after the novelty of the concept has worn off.

It’s nice to see the Xbox platform continue to support indie titles as the Xbox One begins to hit its stride. PlayStation 4 has been a powerhouse for indies recently after doing so much business with Devolver Digital, and some competition is always a good thing. If you’d like to try out this game, you can get it on the Xbox store right now for $10.

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