Guide the ball to its goal in Ice Labyrinth for Windows 8.1

Ice Labyrinth

I’m a big fan of arcade games, and prefer to try anything interesting that comes my way. Recently, I came across another addictive game dubbed as Ice Labyrinth for Windows 8.1, where your task is to guide the ball to its goal, collecting all the goodies that comes in your way and avoid obstacles. 

The game features 36 addictive levels, which becomes difficult as you move on with the game, and will encounter hurdles such as traps, holes, etc. You also get various elements such as cannons, etc. to reach your goal, but you must use them wisely, otherwise you could get into some trouble. The game comes with support for touch screen, and you can control the ball using your mouse or by tilting you Windows-powered tablets.

“Ice Labyrinth is a great ‘Marble in a Maze’ experience. The goal of the game is simple: guide the ball to the trophy by tilting your device or by moving your mouse. However, get ready to avoid challenging obstacles, such as holes and traps. Use the cannons, ghosts, hourglasses and keys wisely to successfully reach your goal.  Ice Labyrinth will keep you busy for a while with over 35 fun, challenging and addicting levels. Try to collect all the stars in each level to become a labyrinth master”, the app description reads.

Here’s a complete list of features you will get with Ice Labyrinth for Windows:

  • 36 beautiful levels
  • Realistic physics
  • Many game elements such as holes, traps, cannons, locked doors, keys, hourglasses and ghosts

Simply head over to the Windows Store using the link below and download Ice Labyrinth for free.

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