GTA V is free to grab on the Epic Games Store through May 21

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Since Epic Games launched its own digital video game storefront back in 2018, the company has done two interesting things two grab gamers attention: timed-exclusivity deals for high-profile games such as Metro Exodus or Borderlands, and offering free PC games every week.

This week, Epic Games is offering GTA V, one of the most popular games of all times on the Epic Games Store. The demand for the 2013 game is apparently so high that the Epic Games Store went down a couple of minutes ago. You’ll have until May 21 to grab GTA V for free from the Epic Games Store, so don’t worry if you’re not able to access the store listing immediately.

Even though Epic Games received a lot of criticism for its timed exclusivity deals, this is a brilliant move from the company which really managed to give Steam some serious competition in just two years. Thanks to its Unreal Engine and its massively popular Fortnite game, Epic has pockets deep enough to offer quality games every week, and this is a great way to get more PC gamers to use the Microsoft Store. We can only imagine how Microsoft, which has billions of dollars in the bank, could use a similar strategy to promote its Microsoft Store on Windows 10, which still pales in comparison to Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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