GTA 5 release date for Xbox One possibly revealed

GTA 5 release date for Xbox One possibly revealed

Grand Theft Auto has proven to be one of the most popular, as well as controversial, games on the market. The next version is GTA 5 and it will be coming to game consoles later this year, having been announced earlier without an actual launch date. 

That date, for both Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4, has now been revealed. The game will hit store shelves this coming November, on the 7th to be specific. At least that is what gaming site GameSeek is claiming. 

However, website GottaBeMobile points out that “this is a Friday, and while games in the U.S. typically arrive on a Tuesday, Fridays are common for European release dates”. GameSeek is a UK-based store.

In other words, this may not be a US release date, and perhaps is just a temporary page to get things ready for future sales. It could change slightly, but it at least gives a general idea of when things will happen. And the date makes sense for the holiday shopping season.

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