GTA 5 gets a huge update with visual improvements for Xbox Series X|S

Robert Collins

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Grand Theft Auto V is now nearly a decade old, but that hasn’t stopped Rockstar Games from giving the open-world action adventure a massive update which is now live.

Update 1.67, also known as the San Andreas Mercenaries Update, brings a whole gamut of improvements in addition to some new content. As per the patch notes page on Rockstar’s website,

The San Andreas Mercenaries update adds new Story Missions, Freemode content, updates to the Smuggler Hangar business, a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive Career Progress feature, as well as a range of experience improvements and creator updates. 


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Many of the new features pertain specifically to the online aspect of the game. As stated in the patch notes, a current-gen Career Progress feature has been added for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Career Progress has 4 challenge tiers that “gives access to a range of challenges across GTA Online and provides exclusive rewards for players to earn.”

There are also new vehicles (7 of them all-new the game), new cosmetics and more. There are also some visual upgrades for the current-gen consoles, including raytracing performance improvements. Specific to the Xbox Series X|S version is a fix that “Improved the lighting fidelity seen through the windows during the Story Mode Mission Dead Man Walking on Xbox Series X|S.”

Rumors of the next installment of the franchise—Grand Theft Auto 6—have been hot lately. It has been reported that it will be the most expensive video game ever made.

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