GroupMe, SysApp Pusher and Nokia Chat Beta updated with improvements and bug fixes


If you happen to be a regular user of GroupMe, SysApp Pusher and Nokia Chat Beta, head over to the Windows Phone Store as the trio has received updates with enhancements and bug fixes.

Starting with GroupMe, which is a Microsoft app that give users the ability to communicate with their friends and family, create groups to interact with each other, co-ordinate with your colleagues and much more. Recently, the application got bumped to 4.7.1 and brought a handful of improvements and bug fixes to the application. In addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements, the latest update give users the ability to hide direct messages from within the app, as well as view images and GIFs shared to the sender via a URL in chats. Here’s a list of improvements introduced in the latest GroupMe v4.7.1:

  • View images and GIFs shared via URL in the chat
  • See which of your groups are muted
  • Hide Direct Messages
  • More bug fixes and improvements

The second app in the list is SysApp Pusher. I’m personally a fan of SysApp Pusher as it check for updates of vendor exclusive apps. Recently, the app received a minor update and added new vendors to the list which now includes the Redmond giant as well. Here’s the complete change log for the app:

  • Added Microsoft as vendor
  • Better support for Full HD screens
  • Remove icons of all applications from package (Now will use icons from store)

Last in the list is the Nokia Chat Beta application. The app also received an update but there’s no change log available at the moment, so we’re assuming it just introduced minor bug fixes and improvements to the application.

If you’re a regular user of these apps, head over to the Windows Phone Store to snag them.

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