Groove Music updated on iOS with ability to add 10 more songs to a playlist based on songs already in the playlist

Groove Music iOS

Microsoft has released a fairly small update to its Groove Music app on iOS. While a small update, it does bring across one feature from its Windows 10 counterpart.

Now, if you have a playlist with songs in, you’ll be able to tap to add 10 more songs to that playlist, which will be based on songs already saved in the playlist, allowing you to discover new songs or add ones you already know but didn’t add just yet.

The whole changelog for the update is as you would expect, with the usual fixes:

  • Get more of any playlist you love. Instantly add 10 more songs inspired by the songs already in the playlist
  • Various bug fixes

This update is available now from the App Store on iOS devices.

Microsoft Groove
Microsoft Groove
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