Groove Music shuts down at the end of the month, remember? -
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Groove Music shuts down at the end of the month, remember?

As Microsoft explained a couple of weeks ago, the company is shutting down its Groove Music Pass subscription service at the end of the year. The Microsoft Store will also stop selling music albums on December 31, 2017, though Movies & TV shows and ebooks are here to stay for now.

If you previously purchased music from the Microsoft Store or still use your Groove Music Pass subscription, you may receive the following email from Microsoft explaining what to do with your music collection:

Reminder – Groove Music is partnering with Spotify to bring the world’s largest music streaming service to you. In 30 days, on December 31, 2017, the option to purchase more music will be discontinued.

Keep your current music collection intact by downloading to your devices any albums and tracks that you’ve already purchased. You can download your purchased music through the Groove Music App until December 31, 2017.

To download your music, open Groove, go to your music collection and select the Purchased filter. Right-click or press and hold your music files and select Download from the menu. We thank you for your support on this journey.

*Moving music and playlists from Groove Music Pass to Spotify will be available until at least January 31, 2018. We encourage Groove Music Pass customers to move any or all Groove Music Pass content to Spotify by this date.

To be clear, the Groove Music app will continue to work after December 31, and it will still be able to play local files or all music files stored in OneDrive. Whether you used Groove Music Pass or not, we highly recommend you to give Spotify a try: it's one of the best music streaming services out there, and there is a free tier with ads. If you want to remove the ads and enjoy high-quality streaming, you can currently get three months of Spotify Premium for just $0.99, a cool limited time offer that will be available through December 31.

The Spotify app is now available to download from the Windows Store, and it was recently updated with Live Tile support. It's definitely not as pretty as the Groove UWP app, but it has many other killer features such as public playlists and Spotify Connect, which lets you control music playback from an iOS or Android device.

Have you already made the transition from Groove to Spotify, or will you keep using Groove even after the discontinuation of Groove Music Pass? Let us know below?

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