Groove Music app gets personalized playlists and more in latest update

Michael Cottuli

Just the other day, we reported on the fact that Groove’s latest update is going to be mixing up the way that many users interact with the app. The latest change to the functionality of Groove is the addition of “curated playlists” which are meant to tailor a playlist of music to your taste, and even put together playlists for specific moods and times of day. The functionality would turn Groove into something more akin to Spotify, and should help the effort of making it more appealing to people who aren’t already Groove fans.

Introducing Your Groove, the place for music that is centered around you, what you like, and your listening habits. This is where you’ll not only find your recently played items, but also brand new automatically curated recommended playlists built just for your taste. They update often to always give you fresh recommendations, but you can save a copy any time to edit, download or just save to listen to later.

The new playlists are still a new feature, so they might not be perfect just yet. That being said, curated playlist functionality is a big win for Groove in a music streaming market where that feature tends to come pretty standard. If you are on the Fast Ring on the Windows Insider Program, grab this update.