Groove might be getting a new icon which ditches the G for a play symbol (Update: nope)

Groove may be getting a new icon which ditches the G for a play symbol

Update: we are hearing that this "new" logo is actually old and is appearing for some due to a glitch with the Windows Store.  Looks like the "G" isn't going anywhere. You can read the original story below.

Windows 10 ushered in a new era of user feedback for the Windows design team. Microsoft’s choices of icon design remains an area of constant contention. From the recycle bin icon to the Edge icon, Windows Insiders have been very spirited in their discussion of these new icons. One icon which has received mediocre reviews is the new Groove Music app icon.

New VS old Groove Icon

The icon attempts to blend a classic vinyl record with a G, for Groove. In the end, the icon seems to look like a stretched G and misses the spirit of the record. The folks at Windows Central are reporting they are seeing a new icon which keeps the record, drops the G, and adds a play symbol. The new icon is simple and immediately understandable which is the purpose of an icon. While the new icon doesn't affect how the app preforms, it is nice to see Microsoft doesn't want to give up until they have something their users love. This new icon design has yet to be rolled out, if it ever rolls out.

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