Grifball returning to Halo 5: Guardians in latest Hammer Storm Update, watch a demo here

Halo 5: Guardians' newest major update is bringing back a long-awaited game mode called Grifball with its next major update, Hammer Storm, reports Polygon.

Grifball - a former fan-favorite of Halo Multiplayer - is a thrilling fusion of football (or rugby, for the discerning readers) and close-quarter combat, that is set in the Halo universe, by Halo rules. That means infinite usage of the Gravity Hammers (which also makes a return along with the game mode) and Energy Swords to rake up impossible kill counts, all in the name of defending the team's ball (or bomb) carrier - or the goal, for that matter. Here's a demo of Grifball in action, the stage for which was built entirely in Halo 5's mapmaker Forge.

With the Hammer Storm update and the reintroduction of Grifball, 343 Industries continue to honor their promise with fans of bringing monthly content updates to make Halo 5 an even better shooter experiences; previous entries include Forge, Big Team Battle, and new Arena and Warzone maps. The release date for the new update will reportedly be revealed this Wednesday, February 24; check out Halo's weekly livestream on Twitch for more information.

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