GrIDsure to host webinar on authentication technologies

‘R.I.P. Passwords – But choose their replacement with care’

Cambridge, 10 March, 2011 – GrIDsure, the pioneer in Pattern Based Authentication, is to host a webinar on authentication technologies on Thursday, 31 March, at 2.00pm. Titled ‘R.I.P. Passwords – But choose their replacement with care’, the online event brings together leading information security expert Prof. M. Angela Sasse, Head of Information Security Research at University College, London, and Stephen Howes, founder and CTO of GrIDsure and inventor of Pattern Based Authentication, in a 45 minute discussion.

The webinar will question whether current access technologies such as passwords and tokens are still fit for purpose in a world of internet and cloud based computing, why the demands of IT have outstripped the capabilities of the password, and what organisations should do to take back control of authentication. Professor Sasse will discuss the human aspect of passwords and other access control technologies, the difficult balance between complexity and security, and uncover the science behind authentication. Participants are invited to join the discussion and ask questions.

In addition to the webinar, GrIDsure is launching a new white paper on the same topic, titled ‘The Password is Dead’, which looks at the history of user authentication, changing security requirements, and investigates viable, cost-effective alternatives to passwords.

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Professor M. Angela Sasse
Professor Sasse is Head of Information Security Research at University College, London. She has researched usability issues of security systems, published research on the effectiveness and usability of authentication mechanisms and the human and financial cost of security. She holds a M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology from Sheffield University.

Stephen Howes
Stephen founded GrIDsure in 2006 having created and patented a unique pattern based technique for authentication. He is a technology innovator with over 25 years experience designing, developing and implementing carrier and enterprise infrastructures and solutions across the globe.

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