Grab your Surface Windows 8 Pro reservation card at your local Microsoft Store

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Just like Microsoft did with the Surface RT before it was launched, Microsoft is offering eager customers who cant wait for the Surface Pro a chance to reserve theirs by heading over to a local Microsoft Store to grab a Surface Pro reservation card.

“Congratulations, the new Surface Pro is almost yours. This pass reserves a brand new Surface just for you. Bring this pass to the Microsoft retail store on the day shown above. Your Surface will be ready for you to purchase,” the reservation card reads. The reservation card only provides priority access and has one limit per person and is non-transferable and has no monetary value. The Surface Pro is set for release Saturday, February 9th. For those that didn’t know, the Surface Pro will start at $899 for the 64GB model, without a touch or type cover.

We do recommend, however, that you give your local Microsoft Store a call first to verify if that specific store is giving away reservation cards, to save you the trip just in case this is only an offer for specific stores.

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