Grab up Oscar winning movies from the Windows Store for just $4.99 and score a free $5 gift card

Arif Bacchus

Oscars Windows Storw

The Oscar Awards is just a few days away (it’s this Sunday,) but there is still plenty of time to celebrate Hollywood’s greatest night and catch up on great Oscar winning movies from past and present. Luckily, if this what you’re after, then you should be aware that the Windows Store currently has an offer where you can grab up Oscar winning movies for just $4.99, and also score a free $5 Windows Store gift card!

The offer is valid from now until February 27, 2017, and covers only the HD versions of movies. A full list of 32 movies is covered in the deal, including classics such as The Godfather, and The Sting, and newer titles such as Twelve Years a Slave and Argo.  Some of the movies which are covered in this latest promotion can be seen below:

Which of these movies is your favorite? You can head to the Windows Store now to check out the full list! Once you checked it out, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.