Grab these free 4K photography Japanese Islands and Clouds Windows 10 wallpapers here

Brad Stephenson

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Japanese Islands Windows 10 theme

Two new Windows 10 themes have been added to the Microsoft Store for users to download for free and decorate their devices with.

The first is Clouds PREMIUM which boasts 20 high quality 4K photos of, well, clouds. The second is called Japanese Islands PREMIUM and features 18 4K photographs of some of Japans most-beautiful islands from locations such as Aogashima, Kujukushima, and Hokkaido.

Both theme packs are completely free to download and use and can be installed via their individual product pages within the Microsoft Store app on a Windows 10 computer or via the web here and here.

Do you use a theme to customize your Windows 10 device or do you prefer to use your own images? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more Windows 10 content.

Price: Free