Grab the unlocked Lumia 950 from B&H on December 15th

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B&H, a popular photo/video retail outlet, is taking pre-orders for an unlocked Lumia 950 for $549.99. The phone ships December 15th. You can snag the phone from AT&T or the online Microsoft Store as well, but having B&H as an option is quite nice.
Just note that this device is unlocked, which means you still need a SIM card and carrier service plan. "This device is Carrier-unlocked and may be used with any GSM carrier that uses a frequency or band that this device supports. A SIM card and service plan must be purchased separately," the site states.
If you are curious to see what the Lumia 950 looks like, check out our quick hands-on demo of the device here. You can also check out Windows Hello in action on the Lumia 950 here.

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