Grab the HTC Vive VR headset and a free $100 gift card at the Microsoft Store now for $699

Arif Bacchus

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Christmas may have just passed, but the savings at the Microsoft Store are still ongoing. While we already covered the savings available on Surface, Microsoft also currently has a sale where you can get the HTC Vive Virtual Reality System and a free $100 Microsoft Store gift card for the price of $699.

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

Overall, the sale brings the price of the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System down from $799 to $699, and if you count in the free gift card, it can technically be as low as $599 (since the free gift card can be used later on another purchase.) This virtual reality device features Room-scale VR with precise motion tracking, an Adjustable headset for comfortable, clear gameplay, and is powered by Windows 10 and SteamVR.

As always, it’s smart to act fast, since the free $100 gift card will only last for a few more days until December 31st. The discount on the Vive, meanwhile, will only last until December 27th.  Let us know if you will be taking up this offer by dropping us a comment below!