Grab the FREE Minecraft Xbox anniversary skin pack now for Xbox One/360

Brad Stephenson

Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360

In celebration of Minecraft’s fifth anniversary on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, all players of the game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One are being given a free Minecraft 5th Birthday Skin Pack. These free skins, rather interestingly, allow gamers to dress up their characters as individual members of the 4J Studios development team, the people currently working on Minecraft.

Minecraft 5th Birthday Skin Pack should automatically download for Xbox 360 and Xbox One game owners but if for some reason it doesn’t, it can be grabbed manually in the Xbox Store here for Xbox 360 and here for Xbox One.

There’s been a lot happening with Minecraft since Microsoft purchased it and it only looks like it’s going to evolve further with a possible 4K version being rumored for release on Project Scorpio.

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