Grab an Xbox One Kinect Sensor for just $42 at B&H today

We've seen Microsoft's Kinect sensor be used for a variety of things, be it live performancestrying on clothes, and even recently for scanning the giant jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex. While these uses are a bit extreme, the Xbox One Kinect sensor is also usually priced on the extreme side at around $100 or $150.

Well, if you're looking to pick up the Kinect Sensor for your Xbox, you might want to head to B&H, as the photography store is now selling the sensor for the ultra low price of $42 for today only.

With the Kinect Sensor, you can enjoy Cortana Integration without the need for a headset or external microphone. And, you can enjoy the use of the Camera app and the Skype app on your Xbox One, which without a Kinect, are not fun to use. As some who have spotted the deal pointed out, the Kinect can even be used with several Xbox One games, such as Kinect Sports Rivals, and Dance Central Spotlight.  In fact, Wikipedia has a complete list of Kinect compatible Xbox One games, and our own Brad Stephenson highlighted five Kinect games which are worth playing on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One Kinect sensor is compatible with the Xbox One S, but you will need to purchase an adapter to use it with the newer Xbox. There is still no official word on if it will be supported on the Xbox One X, but given Microsoft's commitment to backward compatibility, one can assume it will work there too via the same adapter.

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