Grab a pre-owned Lumia 650 from Cricket Wireless for 99 cents, because why not?

At this point, your reason for picking up a Windows Phone can be "it's cheaper than a can of soda." Our friends at Neowin picked up on a deal from Cricket Wireless that's putting the Lumia 650 at a pretty generous $0.99 price tag. While you will, of course, have to pick up a SIM card if you want the thing to work, you can rest assured that Cricket is a pay-as-you-go carrier. No contracts here.

If you're intimidated by the fact that being a Windows Phone owner is going to cost you a whole entire US dollar, this is a deal you may want to check out. Even if you don't want a Lumia 650, you might as well use it as a paperweight, or something. It would literally cost you more than five times as much to buy an actual paperweight.

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